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Years of Released


Hoshino Lily

Hoshino Lily

One Shot, School Life, Shotacon, Yaoi

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Read from right to left.

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A collection of one-shots.

1) Two boys are at odds with each other-- The trigger towards hot, gay sex? Eaten pudding and a girl with pigtails.

2) Jun confesses to the one he likes, only to be told he doesn't want to be with someone 'inexperienced'. Therefore, foreplay, a promiscuous boy, determination and jealousy lead to hot gay sex.

3) A group of classmates play chocolate roulette - a game of roulette which includes Guarana chocolate, which has the effect of an aphrodisiac. When Ogasawara draws it, his classmate cooperates to release his desire. [Prequel to Mix Mix Chocolate chapter 1.]

4) A very popular student uses his classmate to evade his girlfriends. But once girl gets angry and hits the classmate, then the hero takes him to the school infirmary, where bottled-up feelings leads to a confession.. and then some.

5) At a school festival, the right of Shimohira is put for auction. He is bought by the boy in which he had rejected a few years prior. After the revelation that the feelings once confessed still lingered, Shimohira reveals something rather surprising...

6) A tedious rich son orders his servant to preform an -ahem- lude task, which leads to something more. [YUMMY SHOTA]

7) A student decides to blindfold the one he likes, seducing him, all the while refusing to reveal his identity. Rather hot, gay sex ensues.

The series Aishichattano has been licensed, it is not available in MangaFox.